Harley Campbell
  • TOiVO string bass and vocals

My first professional band experience was playing old-time and bluegrass music for two years with The Hotmud Family, from my hometown area of Dayton, Ohio. (I recently co-produced a collection of The Hotmud Family’s first four recordings and a collection of the recordings of Kentucky fiddler Van Kidwell.

After Ohio, I moved to New York State and played for several years in a trio – Michael, McCreesh & Campbell, while living in various parts of the Hudson River valley. The highpoints of my time in MM&C included several European tours, creating and performing “Molly’s Not Dead” with the Pilobolus Dance Theater, and playing at the closing ceremonies of the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid.

I moved to the Ithaca area in 1981, married Annie, and over the years played in several local bands including Mac Benford’s Backwoods Band, The Razor Likkers, and The Grey Sky Boys. For the past 36 years I have been working in the trades, currently doing home inspections - www.campbelldaviesllc.com - with Dave Davies, one of the Ithaca areas finest and hardest working musicians.

I’ve written a few songs over the years, some of them having been recorded by bluegrass and country artists, including Ralph Stanley’s version of “The Man in the Middle”(a.k.a. “Three Men on a Mountain”).

TOiVO is my favorite band ever!